Pride and Prejudice - Ian Littlewood, Hugh  Thomson, Jane Austen

I posted this review on Goodreads. I can't help but chuckled at myself for trying to imitated such witty prose of Austen's and eventually failed.




I feel that my writing skill is too scant to express all my admiration and fanaticism toward this Jane Austen's masterpiece. However, it would be ashamed for the author herself (though she had passed away for almost two decades) if I can't even conduct myself to write any word about it.

What chiefly roused my affection toward Pride and Prejudice would be Austen's writing. Perhaps my ill-chance had I never read anything that was written so swiftly and amusingly like this. Her dry humour, witty dialog easily had me salutes upon her feet. I firstly read it on my iPhone, free edition that is able to be downloading on iTunes. After reading for one-ten of the book, I ran off to the nearest bookstore to get a paperback copy. Because I knew that I would eventually love it, and I did!

The story, though dependent on character to drive the plot, is considered to be the most classic that portrayed hate-turns-love relationship. I have my prejudice against this type of relationship; it is being overused on various media such as romantic novels, almost all of K-Drama. But what make Pride and Prejudice outstanding is how this concept conveyed in the story. The story flowed naturally as if it was ordinary things that could happen in real life in that era. It didn't focus only on Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy since they were rarely been together on the scene. The environment around the couple: their upbringing, their family, their friends, their acquaintance, social values take their roles to create a story that seems normal to be an extraordinary one.

Speak of characterization. I love both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I like how each of them learns what flaw is in their character and both improved them as the story progress. Other character is also animate, vivid and interesting. Mr. Bennet was no doubt one of the most insightful character in the book. Jane is lovely and contradicts to her sister in an intelligent way. Though I found some of them, mostly Mrs. Bennet, quite annoying; It is forgivable. All of their character was exhibited solely on the dialog. Also, conversations among them were an enjoyment and brain-exercising.

In conclusion, Pride and Prejudice is the first classic novel I have falling in love with. It was the best book I have ever read in this quarter, and maybe in this year. Jane Austen had broadened my aspect toward those classic novels I have read before and never happened to like. And her book indirectly informed me that I should give them a second chance; since I had prejudiced them due to my immature scope of reading.

PS. I was once told that Pride and Prejudice had provided an inspiration to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. I haven't finished latter but base on what I had seen in the movie, I can't conjure any resemblance between them.