Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë, John S. Whitley

[Migrated from Goodreads]

This book is hard to review. It was decently written with an excellent tempting plot and pacing, yet it was so depressed and hopeless and almost haunting. 

The story settled in the remote town in York, secluded from the outer world and confined within its own world which one like us hardly comprehended. It's not a love story. Totally NOT a love story. I won't ever put this on romance shelf as general has classified. Most of the story is about Heathcliff, a vengeful man who endlessly seek for his revenge. More or less, his process in fulfill his goal is very disturbing. Yet his love for Catherine, his playmate is very passionate and almost pitiful. These tale is narrated by an old maid of Wuthering Heights, while she had not describe more or less than she ought to see. It's quite clear for the reader to understand overall situation.

Like many people said, almost every character is not likable. Heathcliff is the worst male protagonist I've ever met. That doesn't mean he was a bad character. His characterization is remarkable, but his behavior, as a person who lived in the world, is very wicked and miserable. Catherine, the senior, is very disagreeable. Nelly is rather weak and pitiful and lack of will power to do anything better to improve the situation. Other character from Thrushcross Grange is just okay, and more miserable to being liked. Only character I have a good opinion with is Catherine junior, she has what a some high spirit with resolve to rise the mood of the story a bit, yet not high enough to lift its intense away.

I really admired Emily Bronte to have such a courage to write this book. Also wonder whether her life is difficult so that she had to expressed all her agony into this one.

Not recommend for those of feeble hearts or those who thinks involving with devil's writing is an unforgivable sin. If you're not those people, then, welcome to Wuthering Heights.

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