[Reflection] Life is not always like in novels

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen

I don't have mood to write a review, my reviews on Goodreads is very short, though. Since BookLikes is more like book blogs so I'd rather blog this book instead.


Catherine Morland, fourth daughter of a well-respected family, had infatuated with Gothic novels, fancied herself to be a heroine of the novel. On her journey to Bath and then to Northanger Abbey, a Gothic building she hoped to discovered its mysteries, consequently improved her fancy judgement toward the reality, which not anything like what she supposed them to be.


For me, novels is more likely a set of events that hardly occurred in one's life. They were full of excitement, take the reader on a colorful flight to another land, escaped the dull reality in a blink of time.


It's not that some events in novels can't happen in real life. Though I have never such an event before, my mother told me a lot of things that seems likely to be real only in novels. My mother herself, when she was young and was participating in a protest which led to massacre, had run through rain of bullets, carried injured friends to the ambulance. My grandmother, born in a rich family, eloped with my grandfather and break off with her family. However,  consequences of those events didn't as well ended as in the novels. The tragedy my mother once took part in now remained only a memories which not many people choose to acknowledge. And my grandmother never be forgiven by her family; in her funerals, only a relatives of my grandfather attended.


Sometime in my life I might face such events, so it's good to remind myself that happy endings is not to be expected. Thankfully, our Miss Morland finally earned her happy ending, and soothed our desperate heart from mostly disappointed moments in our life.


PS. Sorry for my very poor grammar. I'll improved them every now and then.