Almost excellent reading experience.

Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson

I want to reduced a bit of a star for such a short epilogue but I can't. I just know that I want more of this. I want to read more. It was the first book of Sanderson that could do this to me. To me, reading a book about 500 pages in english within 4 days is such an amazing speed. Normally, for a book of this length it would consumed me at least a week.

Warbreaker is a second book I finished this year, also the second High Fantasy setting book. And although I could fully admit that I'm quite a fan of Sanderson, this is the first of his book that earns 5 stars rating from me.

Speaking of the writer called Sanderson, the first thing that comes to our reader's mind would be Magic System. In Mistborn, he presented us the Allomancy, the power to burn the metal and turn it to various power. In Warbreaker we have BioChromatic, A power to awake things and manipulated them. While it was as creative and unique as anything I would expect from Sanderson, the magic system in Warbreaker feels more lively and delicate. I like the concept of Breath that let us control things and its variety of usage had broaden the scope of magic to beyond our reach. Sense and perception that changes when people gains more Breath induced wild imagination and add more subtlety to the narration. BioChromatic weaved through the culture, spiritual beliefs and politics smoothly and seamlessly, accentuate Sanderson's remarkable ability to craft the world. The fact that magic is much more than a device for action scenes is one thing that show his big improvement as a writer.

Political intrigue in Warbreaker improved a lot from what presented in Mistborn. It's more matured, not a child play anymore. It was ready to deceive us, the reader, if we're not careful enough. I like the fact that this book is more political focus rather than usual action-packed novel like Mistborn the series. The political trope Sanderson used might not very new to me, yet it was able to grab me and twist my head sometimes. Though not very significant, but there are some subtle subversions in his political intrigues I quite admired.

Characterization is what I think Sanderson has improved a lot too. Though mostly character started out as archtypes, they were gone through the circumstance and changed somehow. Also noted that character's personalities and voices feels much more distinguished than those from Mistborn. Not only that, his writing also improved to make sure that the reader can access to character's mindset without using too much internal monologue as Mistborn tends to depend on.

I didn't like Siri at first. In my eyes, she is an overused rebellious princess. Yet once she arrived Halladren, I grow fond of her more and more. Siri is not that rebellious. She understood the situation and ready to adapt anytime. And her broaden-minded help her get through any circumstance in the God King's court. I also adore Susebron too, he was very cute guy I want to cuddle in my arms. I also shipped both of them like a crazy fan girl, even though they were official couple. Sanderson is the first male author from the western side of the world who could write a couple that have me really root for. Both of them is very cute together. Vivenna and her character development has to be highlighted. She started from a pompous, stubborn princess. Then started to see another side of the things she believed to be evil. The way she conflicted between her own beliefs and the things she actually see is very interesting to read. I love that Sanderson is dared enough to pushed Vivenna into the downfall and let her learn her lesson through her failure. I also like Lightsong. His story arc was humorous to read and his character as carefree but concerned is very likable.

Pacing, I like the technique he used in this book. Mysteries that open from one story arc solved in another. Each story arc slowly observe conflicts in each perspective, then those arc swirling into each other in the last arc and blended together. The way Sanderson placed conflicts between each steps and slowly picked them and wrapped them up along the way. It's not like the standard story in the classic version of plot graph. The climax is not that peak, yet it make me feel excited enough to turn another page to read. 

Writing in this book, though a bit stiff in the first few chapter, after I read pass 1/3 of the book it didn't hinder me from enjoy the story. Since I know that lyrical prose is not the things Sanderson was capable of, such trivial matter is not bother me at all.

Overall, I give this 5 stars :)

PS. At first, I hesitated on picking up The Way of King since it has 1000 pages long and promise us another 8000 pages of sequels. But after finished Warbreaker, I think I'll eventually picked it up within this year if I cleared at least a half of my stack.

PS 2. Sorry if there are a lot of grammatic error. I still have to practice a lot.